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EUROSATORY 2022 : back in pictures

After two difficult years for professional events in 2020 and 2021, it is with great pleasure and pride to be one of the start-ups selected to exhibit at EUROSATORY 2022, where we could meet you.

For this second show of our three years of existence (the first one having been the SOFINS in 2019 very shortly after the creation of the company), you could discover on our stand many subjects on which we work, for part with some of you, among which the accessories of helmets, and several products presented then in preview of which PANELAPTOR and FMA now available, and HANGFROG, from now on available to the pre-orders.

Situated alongside other startups of the GENERATE label, the innovation label of GICAT (French grouping of defense industries, which is also the organizer of the EUROSATORY trade fairs), in the GICAT pavilion next to the Defense Ministry and ARQUUS pavilions, our fully-equipped mannequin had the pleasure of greeting more than 250 visits (individuals and groups, nearly 600 visitors in total).

A popularity for which we thank you all and which earned us a visit from members of the show organization to congratulate us on this considerable attendance on our few square meters.

Among the noteworthy visitors of our stand, our most respectful greetings to the Inspector General of the Armed Forces Eric BELLOT DES MINIERES, repman and ex-chief of the 11BP, who honored us by his time spent on our stand, noting moreover our establishment in Compiègne, city which sheltered until not so long ago the Staff School.

In parallel, our small team of 2 honored nearly 70 professional appointments during the 5 days of this huge show. We tried to give a maximum of time to each one of you, visitors as well as appointments, and hope that all those who wanted to come and see us could do it.

Among you, we had the opportunity to greet Tapir Equipements, Sigma Tactical, Khimaira, Trauma Guys, Secourisme en Milieu Hostile, Opex News, Mars Attaque, Wescue France, and many others. Special mention for Terrang's patches scrapers 😉

On our dummy, we presented :

  • a concept helmet based on the shape of the French F3, but equipped with :

    • rails mounted without screws and offering an unequalled mounting surface (more than 2 times that of an Ops-Core for example) for a weight equivalent to current rails, and integrating the management of the audio protection helmet cables and the secondary power supply of the NVGs;

    • a new type of helmet cover, acting both as an accessory mounting interface and as a base for making an ECR or vegetable salad;

    • a one-piece JVN support mounted without screws and bolts, derived from the shape of the Félin supports but considerably more resistant and durable;

    • removable pads with a reticulated structure like our AMPOULIOR, offering comfort, ventilation, stability at extreme temperatures, and better management of traumatic risks;

    • and a removable Norman-type nose pad, mounted on the NVG support, obviously as a joke, in a nod to the history of French individual equipment;

  • a UBAS type endowment but made with our CAPADE camouflage pattern in one of its versions;

  • a commercial plate carrier equipped with :

    • our MMPC interface in a smartphone integration version taking into account the management of power/data cabling and sound direction;

    • commercial magazine holders equipped with AREC for magazine retention, replacing the usual pull tabs;

    • accessories under development for the installation and rapid reconfiguration of cable networks on the surface of plate carriers;

    • IMEDRIG, a rigid medical insert under development to convert any STANAG / HK416 size magazine pouch into a basic first aid kit;

    • CROKYD, our multipurpose hook, used to secure several items on the suit (Jesco scissors and FMA in particular);

    • and our ultra-hardened FMA allowing writing with almost all types of pens in all weather conditions and with exceptional durability to the elements;

  • a prototype combat sub-belt equipped with :

    • several BELTAPTORs of different sizes (S, D and T for single, double and triple column) for mounting various pouches (magazine holder, medical, etc.) ;

    • a prototype of our MEDICOR medical pouch, a prototype that came back from OPEX a few days earlier after having been tested for many months in BSS and elsewhere by a CPA 30 staff;

    • a prototype of the POCHAMO loader carrier, a new type of pouch of this type using both a new geometry and new materials, allowing for very little extra thickness on the mounting interface, very high resistance to wear, very low weight, and excellent retention properties;

    • a prototype of the HOLSTAPTOR, an accessory for rigid holsters that uses the PALC interface of our BELTAPTOR and PANELAPTOR to mount, for example, a tourniquet, a pocket for sound moderator or other devices;

    • and an innovative base for GLOCK magazines improving the grip of the weapon and the control of the bearing when shooting while facilitating emergency handling.

In parallel, we also showed :

  • a version of MMPC specific Crosscall Core X4 type civilian (work in progress on versions Neo / Admin),

  • accessories for F2 / F3 helmets allowing the mounting of Princeton Tec, Surefire or other types of lamps with management of the angle of inclination without modification;

  • our PANELAPTOR MINI developed in partnership with MEDIC TACTIC, which uses the PALC interface developed for BELTAPTOR in a tactical panel version for medical or specialized use;

  • our HANGFROG front handle presented on HK416 fully equipped, that many of you have handled to test this solution with lamp and laser;

  • a magazine base with integrated shock absorber for HK416 magazines to limit wear;

  • an ADRAMAS rail that can be mounted and dismounted without tools for Beretta 92 and PAMAS G1 that we had not been able to present before, allowing the mounting of a lamp on the weapon at the right height (and not 1cm too low as on the existing additional rails);

  • and scale models of our future utility knives, which will also be manufactured in France, and will be the subject of a probable participative financing or a pre-order in the months or the year to come.

For those who could not come to see us at EUROSATORY 2022, you can find all these elements in our various "EUROSATORY" videos among the archived stories on our Instagram page.

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