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PROFAPLA allows you to manufacture a visor support in 13 minutes on an FDM (filament deposition) 3D printer, ultra-light, comfortable, stable, protecting  the forehead, not limiting_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_no head mobility, and requiring no drilling of the screen.

FACIAL PROtection can be manufactured in PLAt

Visère protection projection

Other facial protection models  will soon be available for download. Do you want to be informed by email when the files will be published? 

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PROFASTER is our range of visors that can be made on any FDM 3D printer from 170 mm plate. Developed  from precise biometric data, PROFASTER models offer short printing times, extended protection, and tool-less screen mounting possibilities (depending on version).

STERilizable face protection

Designed on a voluntary basis for the Army, printed by Ferme 3D Terre in more than 5,000 copies, CROVHYD is a versatile hook allowing interactions without direct contact for many everyday actions: doors, windows, codes, vehicles, toilets, shopping, ... Also compatible with code locks.

The general conditions of use governing these files can be consulted on this website atclick here. 

CROchet Valued HYgiene Endowment

Only proposal selected ET approved bythe agency Innovation Defense in front of almost 1000 other proposals for visors and face shields.

Selected parthe agency Innovation Defense in front of almost 1000 other proposals for visors and face shields. See PROFASTER for a selected AND approved model.

Selected parthe army of Earth to be printed and provided internally.



How to disinfect 3D printed parts?

Are they all single use?


Here is a table on which you can rely to best determine which method to use. If necessary, to print and display in your department (A3 format recommended).

We continue to work on equipment solutions to make our contribution in the fight against COVID-19.

The whole team would like to thank those who work daily in this difficult context, medical and paramedical personnel, firefighters, law enforcement, military and essential businesses, and all those who participate in the fight against the pandemic, including by staying at home.

Stérilisation des pièces en 3D
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