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Site owner company

Phoenix Equipment ®
Registered with the Compiègne RCS on January 7, 2019
SIRET 84505470900017
215 Dam Street


Creation & maintenance of the site

Phoenix Equipment 

215 Dam Street


+33 7 56 89 24 24


Wix Inc.
Address: 500 Terry A Francois Blvd San Francisco, CA 94158
Phone: +1 415-639-9034. 


Discharge of responibility

Under no circumstances can PhoeniX Equipment be held responsible for errors, omissions or consequences resulting from the use of the information and data contained on our website, nor for the content of external sites accessible from the links on our website, including blog.


Site accessibility and company availability

The site is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, excluding breakdowns and necessary maintenance operations and except in the event of force majeure beyond our control and/or beyond our control.

The company is available to the maximum of its possibilities, excluding external obligations.

Under articles L4211-1-1, L2171, L4221, L4231 and L4271-1 of the Defense Code, Phoenix Equipment cannot be held responsible for possible delays in the processing of orders resulting from the performance of the service of others. in the context of national security.

Since no one ever reads this, do you know the chair joke? ... It is collapsible.

French legislation relating to the right of access to the computerized file

In accordance with the French law N 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms (CNIL), any user having deposited on this site information directly or indirectly nominative, can request the communication of nominative information concerning him by contacting us and having them rectified if necessary.


Copyright and intellectual property

In accordance with the French Code of Intellectual Property and international treaties and agreements relating to the protection of copyright and intellectual property, it is prohibited to reproduce for use other than private, to sell, distribute, issue, broadcast, adapt, modify, publish, communicate in whole or in part, in any form whatsoever, the content of the site without prior authorization from PhoeniX Equipment.

Krylon® is a registered trademark of the Sherwin-Williams group.

Duracoat® is a registered trademark of Lauer Custom Weaponry.

AcryBake™ is a trademark of PhoeniX Equipment.

CAPADE® is a registered trademark of PhoeniX Equipment.

PhoeniX Equipment ® is a registered trademark of PhoeniX Equipment.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective creators/custodians.


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