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The general conditions of use governing this file can be consulted on this website atclick here. 

Selected and printed in more than 5000 copies by the Army, CROVHYD is a versatile hygiene hook capable of much more than opening a few doors.


Registered model, available for download as a file under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND license, deliberate choice in the specific context of the Covid-19 crisis, CROVHYD is an effective solution for limiting contact with a large number of potential carriers of everyday life. of germs, bacteria and viruses.


Also capable of interacting with mechanical code locks (in particular the Unitecnic 2200 type), and having a triple retention case included in the download, for more safety of use, CROVHYD is an effective way to protect against contamination. various.



  • ultralight (15 grams printed in PLA, 17 grams in PLACTIVE) ;

  • very fast to produce (from 37 minutes in FDM 3D printing 0.4mm nozzle) ;

  • triple retention printable case, assembly without glue or tools ;

  • design to prevent accidental self-contamination ;

  • shape optimized for 99% of door handles, windows, buildings, … ;

  • can also be used with transport type chrome bars, fire doors, etc.  ;

  • compatible with mechanical code locks (Unitecnic 2200 in particular) ;

  • also able to interact with locks, toilets, shared vehicles, vending machines, digicodes, etc.;

  • solid design (does not break when sitting on it).




CROVHYD is intended for use by all personnel:

  • exposed to the risks of contamination by the Coronavirus or other bacterial and viral threats,

  • needing a means of interaction without direct contact with their personal or work environment,

  • wishing to be able to carry it in almost all pockets (including sports tights) and bags,

  • and aware that the solutions attached to a bunch of keys are more dangerous than effective.




CROVHYD was designed by considering production by various means in a context of health crisis and limited access to conventional industrial means.


For now we are focusing our efforts on making files publicly available for free 3D printing. Industrially manufactured CROVHYDs in France will be available on our site in September 2020.


For those who do not wish to wait, it is possible to order CROVHYD in laser sintered nylon on Shapeways at the following link:


CROVHYD is printable on any tray over 150 mm side.



The CROVHYD model is deposited at the INPI, and the sharing files are protected by the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND license (Attribution, No commercial use, No modifications).


CROVHYD's STL files are for solidarity manufacturing use only, and may not be sold in any way as a file of any kind or in physical form by third parties.

CROchet Valued HYgiene Endowment

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