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PANELAPTOR™ is a range of tactical panels for PALS / MOLLE pouches and various equipment. Compatible with 99% of existing pouches, it allows their free adjustment and positioning on the panel, as well as the mounting of other medical or technical equipment.

PANELAPTOR™, designed and manufactured in France, retains the same interface PALC™ that we developed for BELTAPTOR™, and can be produced on request with personalized dimensions and/or adapted to vehicle mounting points.



  • Add a PALS / MOLLE compatible insert to all types of bags including civilian, interior and exterior;
  • Add a PALS / MOLLE mounting surface inside vehicles (back of seats, trunk, ...);
  • Mount medical or technical pouches and accessories wherever needed.


Developed in collaboration with our partner MEDIC TACTIC (, Instagram @medictactic). Registered model, proprietary protected interface compatible with PALS / Molle and 20mm 'CommBlock'.


  • Variations: 14 x 16 cm

    Weight: 50g

    Maximum load: several kg

    Tear resistance >30 kg

    Black color

    Operating temperature :

    • Material resistant from -40 to +120 °C
    • Tested from -20  to +80°C

    Use Environments:

    • resistant to saline environments;
    • Insensitive to most solvents and hydrocarbons including weapons maintenance.
  • 100% French Manufacturing

    • Laser cut in Ile de France;
    • material from Europe;
    • quality control, finishing and bagging carried out in Oise;
    • Instructions printed on paper made in Alsace under the FSC label (responsible forest management) and Ecolabel certified.

    Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

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