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P R E O R D E R - Deliveries from September 01, 2022




🇫🇷 HANGFROG™ is the first front handle for handguards produced in France 🇫🇷


And it is also one of the most advanced and lightest handles ever made.


Having used all types of grips without ever being totally satisfied, we devoted more than a year to development, with research pushed to the extreme on the musculoskeletal (osteology and myology) and proprioceptive (kinesthesia) aspects of the various grips, and the ambition to bring a real added value to the user in a field of accessories already widely explored or even saturated.


The result, HANGFROG™ is, for us, the ultimate Picatinny front grip.


A front grip for Picatinny handguards (HANdGuard FROnt Grip), HANGFROG™ was developed with the aim of combining the advantages of vertical grips and angled grips, without their respective disadvantages: we then have an extremely compact, exceptionally comfortable grip, and one that allows for all grips while evenly distributing the pressure between the knuckles in all positions.


Designed and manufactured in France around the ISTC principles of white light and designator use, with or without a remote switch, and inspired in particular by orthopedic fencing grips, HANGFROG™ will be your best ally in all contexts of use and carrying of your weapon.


  • To increase comfort and speed of aiming with long weapons by facilitating the transition from patrol to shooting, both on foot and in vehicles ;
  • To improve the control of the weapon while preventing musculoskeletal disorders, via equal distribution of pressure on all the phalanges whatever the adopted grip;
  • Adapt to the shooter and his choice of grip, instead of forcing him to a position dictated by the shape of the handle, and thus allow all types of grip, from the classic vertical, to the ultra-high C-clamp type;
  • Do not interfere when lying down, when passing through doors, in confined spaces or in vehicles;
  • Allows target tracking in barricade mode, without induced flattening and with a very large freedom of possible grips and supports;
  • Keep the comfort possibilities of vertical handles (resting on the knee for example, see photo, holding the weapon while on patrol, etc.) impossible with inclined handles.


  • Dimensions:

    • 47 mm height under rail only,
    • 65mm long

    Weight: 45 g steel screws included

    Colours: Black

    Materials :

    • handle: high temperature resistant nylon alloy; 
    • Hardware: tempered carbon steel - class 10.9 temper
  • 100% French manufacturing

    • Made in Ile-de-France;
    • Assembled in Oise at Compiègne;
    • Nylon alloy from Europe;
    • Quality control, instructions and bagging carried out in Oise;
    • Instructions printed on paper made in Alsace under the FSC label (responsible forest management) and Ecolabel certified.
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