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FMA is our hardened version of the French Army Health service Forward Medical Form. No more A4 sheets taken from office printers, which disintegrate under water, sand, mud!


Made with the finest materials available, FMA allows you to write with most existing pencils, markers and pens. It is reusable and impervious to all weather conditions and work environments.


At PHOENIX EQUIPEMENT , we know that the normal use of these sheets is under intense stress. This is why they have been designed with SC2/SC3 qualified first aiders for the regulatory and technical aspect. For readability and comprehension, many human parameters on vision, brain function under stress and reading clarity for people with dyslexia have been integrated.


Our FMA are therefore perfectly suited for use in an emergency situation . and can be secured to treated personnel via ELASTIK™, CROKYD™ or your own (knotted shock-cord, paracord, string etc.) thanks to the integrated perforation which does not compromise resistance to water.



  • Provide the user with a robust and reliable form;
  • allow you to fill in the sheet using the pencils you have;
  • facilitate the filling of the sheet in its normal conditions of use (under stress);
  • be reusable and easy to clean.


  • ELASTIK™ 50cm x1 from the drop-down menu;
  • for ELASTIK™ 90cm or batches of 5 ELASTIK™ 50cm or 90cm, see


  • Dimensions: format A6.

    Weight: 8g

    Operating temperature :

    • tested from -18  to +54 °C
    • usable from -20 to +60 °C

    Use Environments:

    • All environments and climates;
    • immersion and tear resistant;
    • resistant to prolonged UV exposure.

    Optional accessory: shock-corde rubber core and polymer sheath (ELASTIK).

  • 100% French Manufacturing

    • FMA is manufactured by our team in Oise ;
    • Ecolabel certified paper made in France ;
    • Water repellent treatment from Italy;
    • Laminating material imported from Germany;
    • Tailor-made possible from 10 copies.

    lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

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