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PXE news : website, activities, prices, products

As we announced at the beginning of the year during the review of our first two years of existence, not only are new products arriving, but we are now communicating on where and how our solutions are manufactured.

(...) we are convinced that the combination of cutting-edge production resources and "made in France" manufacturing is a major issue for the future (...) A conviction that did not wait for the Covid crisis, and which we will communicate more about in the future, certain that manufacturing on the national territory (...) is a winning bet on the future, while the questions of how to manufacture, where to manufacture, and therefore with what human and ecological cost, and in what superior interests, are increasingly being asked. Manufacturing in France is a strategic issue, and as a GICAT start-up with the GENERATE label, we are determined to act at our level in this direction.

Thus, you can now discover in detail where and how our products are manufactured in the "Other characteristics" section of the product pages. Aspect often neglected, we also specify this information for the notice / packaging, following a given logic imposes a concern of coherence that we respect on all the line, whether it is about the product or its environment.

Also, as some of you have suggested, we are now including customer examples on each product page, which will allow you to see immediately if the solution can meet your expectations and use cases.

Users / testers and manufacturing information: elements that you will find on our very next solutions recently presented on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, which will also be manufactured in France.

A commitment to the general interest that continues with this news that you may have discovered: PHOENIX EQUIPEMENT has been contributing to the CENTURION Program for several months, and last February we had the opportunity to be received by the "Marsouins" of the 2RIMa to listen to their problems and work together to solve them.

In fact, if we have so far communicated little about our activities apart from our products and the work carried out on camouflage patterns, we will present you in more detail the activities of the company soon through a short video.

Finally, other information on the price side: some increases, but also some decreases:

  • CROKYD goes from 8,99 € to 9,99 € TTC, notably due to an increase in the cost of materials;

  • BELTAPTOR sees the price of some versions decrease, so all the versions currently available go from 11,99 € TTC for the single column version for 40 mm belts (BEL-40S), to 19,99 € TTC for the triple column version for 50 mm belts (BEL-50T).

The opportunity to go minimalist for your tactical belts, and to gain in lightness and modularity with Made in France awarded for its innovation!

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