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BELTAPTOR™ is a belt adapter for PALS / MOLLE pouches and other ultra-light and ultra-resistant equipment.


As minimalist as it is versatile , compatible with 99% of existing pouches, it allows their height adjustment and positioning anywhere on the belt, as well as the mounting of other equipment (tourniquets, etc.).


BELTAPTOR™ is a registered model, designed and manufactured in France and awarded the innovation label of the Defense & Security sector.


Used in OPEX by COS, DRM and 9BIMa personnel, and on national territory by Gendarmerie personnel in particular.


Its abilities are unique:

  • ultra-lightweight (from 85 to 130 g depending on combinations for a complete configuration 16 columns, compared to 150 to 250 g for the lightest existing solutions, and 300 to 400 g for the most common models of covers for conventional Molle belt);
  • finely adjustable pockets in height, beyond what belts or classic Molle panels allow;
  • accepts administrative PA lanyards (resistance to tearing validated without breaking at 43 kg);
  • self-locking (does not slip on the belt worn);
  • allows alternative mountings by shock cord or paracord;
  • fast belt reconfiguration according to needs;
  • pouches better placed vertically and horizontally;
  • possibility of placing the pockets above the belt loops if necessary (single belt worn mounted on the trousers);
  • better comfort and no restriction of movement;
  • without weight variation to external conditions;
  • accepts poorly rated pouches without restriction, as well as 20mm Molle pouches (Russian, Polish etc.).


  • Dimensions: approx. 8.5 x 7.5cm

    Weight: 7.8g (40S) / 8g (45S) / 8.2g (50S)

    Color: satin black

    Tear resistance:

    • strap location > 40kg
    • pockets installed > 10 kg

    Recommended maximum weight ≤ 1 kg

    Operating temperature :

    • usable from -40 to +100 °C
    • tested from -20 to +80°C
  • 100% French manufacturing

    • BELTAPTOR is laser cut in Ile de France, in POM from Europe
    • Finishes, control, instructions and bagging are carried out in Oise.
    • Instructions printed on paper made in Alsace under the FSC label (responsible forest management) and Ecolabel certified.

    Life warranty against manufacturing defects.

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