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CROKYD™, ergonomic, lightweight, versatile



CROKYD™ allows you to securely hang small equipment that is essential for your outings or work.

It is a hook that attaches to belts, PALS / MOLLE loops, pant edges, jogging suits, spindles, etc. to secure your small equipment (keys, compass, GPS, lamp, notebook, tourniquet, badge, etc.) with its elastic band. It guarantees a reliable fastening and can be forgotten during its use thanks to its studied geometry.

This one also offers the possibility of mounting two CROKYD™ head-to-toe on two PALS / MOLLE rows, with self-locking of the elastic cord, to give you the possibility of mounting pockets horizontally (typically: pocket for PA charger, lamp or multi-function clip).

Designed and manufactured in France, CROKYD™ is as simple in its form as it is innovative in its capabilities and features. In fact, it is one of the projects that led to PXE being awarded the prestigious GICAT innovation label. In addition, CROKYD™ is guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects.


It allows to secure, in particular:

  • handcuff keys (its initial reason for being) or any other type of keys and keychains (USB keys, alarm remote control, badge, ...) ;

  • small critical equipment common to all military personnel: compass, combat notebook, pen, tourniquet, ... ;

  • technological or complementary equipment: GPS, flashlight, compact binoculars, laser rangefinder, ... ;

  • and any other object weighing less than or equal to 400 g (see below for some examples of weight);

  • for objects weighing more than 400 g, circular up to 4 cm in diameter, tourniquets etc... possibility to use one or more CROKYD™.


  • Overall dimensions reduced to the extreme to allow its mounting anywhere on the equipment.

  • Pull-out resistance: the pull-out resistance is limited to 5 kg. It is defined by the resistance of the elastic. This limitation is designed to allow the rubber band to break during perilous situations when the CROKYD™ unintentionally snags. This is to avoid breaking or even endangering the user.

  • Extremely light: CROKYD™ weighs only 2.5 g for the hook alone, and 4 g with the elastic. It is 3 to 7 times lighter than solutions offered on the market.

  • Resistant to solvents and hydrocarbons, even armament cleaning products for example

  • Heat sterilizable: guaranteed up to 10 sterilizations but can go much further, repeated heat sterilizations of plastic materials always causing a degradation of the characteristics of the treated materials

  • Resistance to extreme temperatures: can be used at permanent temperatures ranging from -40°C to +80°C, a rare feature in plastic accessories.

  • Electrically insulating, fire resistant: due to its UL94 HB flammability rating. It can therefore be used in the most extreme situations, as well as in hospital / medical environments.

  • Matte in appearance : CROKYD™ therefore does not require any special treatment to correct the surface shine observed on some military use materials.

  • Bio-compatible : its material is certified bio-compatible according to European and international standards. CROKYD™ can therefore be worn next to the skin, for example in sportswear or in a swimsuit.


There are three color variations adapted to all your needs related to the different possible uses of this small accessory:

- CROKYD ™ coyote coyote for use on camouflaged effects, coyote, tan, MJK, plainclothes on brown / beige effects (belts, pants, bags and purses especially) ;

- CROKYD ™ grey for universal, discreet use no matter what effects, military (fatigues, belts, etc.) or civilian (jeans, chinos, dress pants, suits) you use it with;

- CROKYD ™ black for discreet wearing on dark suits and work clothes (especially for law enforcement and private security).

A 100% French product (design and manufacture), an award-winning innovation, CROKYD™ is unsuspectingly versatile and has already won over many users among the armed forces and Gendarmerie.

Find the three versions of CROKYD by clicking here to access the store.

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