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CROKYD™ is a specific hook and elastic set for attaching and securing keys and other small objects to most of belts, straps, clothing et surfaces PALS / Molle.

Designed and 100% manufactured in France for the military and members of law enforcement, CROKYD™ is just as suitable for civilian use. Its wide range of users testifies to this.



Used in OPEX by personnel from COS, BFSA, DRM, 9BIMa, on national territory by personnel from GN, GM, Customs, Penitentiary Administration, and for civilian purposes in particular by real estate agents, company staff for their badges, or even by ultra-trailers (UTMB, Grand to Grand).



It secures reliably, simply and discreetly a bunch of keys, compass, notebook, GPS, or any other object that can easily be lost or dropped during one-handed use. But, unlike other solutions (paracord, steel wire, retractable strand), it can break in dangerous situations to preserve your physical integrity thanks to its progressive controlled deformation to the studied breaking load of its specific elastic.



In addition, it can be used as a means of attachment to PALS / Molle, belts or areas not provided with a PALS / Molle interface, for tourniquets, compression bandages, and other objects up to 4 cm in diameter.



Finally, used in nested pair head to tail, it allows the horizontal mounting of pouches on PALS / Molle interfaces, for example PA magazine holder on Molle belt.

Delivered with its black 90 cm ELASTIK™.


  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 1 x 1cm

    Weight: 2.5g hook / 4g with elastic

    Colour: matt speckled gray

    Operating temperature :

    • from -40 to +120°C
    • tested from -18 to +65°C

    Use Environments:

    • durable in saline environment
    • electrically insulating
    • solvent resistant
    • oil resistant

    May be in prolonged non-permanent contact with the skin

  • 100% French Manufacturing

    • CROKYD is made in Ile de France in PA12 from Europe
    • Specific elastic made in Oise from elements from Europe and Asia
    • Finishes, control, instructions and bagging are carried out in Oise
    • Instructions printed on paper made in Alsace under the FSC label (responsible forest management) and Ecolabel certified


    Life warranty against manufacturing defects.

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