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PXE at SOFINS 2019

The PHOENIX EQUIPMENT © team is proud to announce its presence as an exhibitor at SOFINS 2019.

PHOENIX EQUIPEMENT © will be present at SOFINS 2019 alongside three other Generate start-ups , the innovation label of GICAT.

This show, reserved for a professional audience, is organized by the Cercle de l'Arbalète for the benefit of specialized units, both French and foreign (50 foreign delegations in 2017), in order to allow them to approach in one place all the companies offering or providing solutions adapted to their needs and expectations.

During this 4th edition of this unique exhibition in Europe, we will present

on the one hand, several upcoming products and ongoing projects, related to our two main lines of work:the development and realization of individual equipment and accessories;the design of multi-spectral camouflage patterns; on the other hand, a "surprise" project, brought by an armed forces personnel, developed with him, and joining our third line of work:the specialized customization.

This SOFINS 2019 will be the first participation of PHOENIX EQUIPEMENT © as an exhibiting company at a trade show. The young S.A.S. (de facto creation on October 16, 2018, de jure on January 07 last) passes without stopover to the serious game, and we do not hide you that we feel a healthy and motivating pressure in the approach of this awaited appointment! All the more so as we will be the only start-up (of the GICAT in any case) in the individual equipment field.

So meet us from April 2nd to 4th at the Souge Camp, on the GICAT stand, where the PXE team will be at your disposal to present you its products and projects.

A word for our official partners that you can find on the home page, some of which will also be present at SOFINS 2019, subscribe to their contents to discover which ones and follow their activities.

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