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BELTAPTOR™, for mounting pockets and hardware to everyday belts


BELTAPTOR™ is an adapter for mounting PALS / MOLLE pouches and other hardware on a conventional belt. It allows for a precise, user-friendly adjustment in height and around the waist. Its architecture makes it compatible with all existing attachment systems and allows the installation of soft, semi-rigid and rigid pockets. It is available for different belt widths, and in three widths, measured in number of MOLLE loops: single, double and triple.


Made in France by 100% laser cutting in a state-of-the-art polymer material

  • adapted to extreme temperatures (from -40°C to +120°C)

  • saline environments

  • electrically insulating

  • resistant to solvents and hydrocarbons

  • bio-compatible: can be in prolonged non-permanent contact with the skin without risk for the user.

Registered model, designed and manufactured in France, awarded by Generate, the prestigious GICAT innovation label, and warranteed for life against all manufacturing defects.


BELTAPTOR™ goes beyond the basic capacities of existing belt adapters. Its unique geometry allows for much more than its competitors, and its advanced material means that BELTAPTOR™ will be able to accompany you to the ends of the earth in the most hostile conditions and environments: it won't let you down.

Thus, it is the only one that allows you :

  • the mounting of all PALS / MOLLE pouches on all belts up to 5 mm thick, regardless of the mounting system of these pouches.

  • the stable mounting of velcro pouches for belts, ;

  • the mounting of pouches of all systems derived from the previous ones and compatible with the PALS / MOLLE system;

  • Adjustment of the height of the pouches according to your outfit, equipment and ergonomics;

  • the addition of an active retention for pouches that do not have one;

  • the mounting of an approved retention strap (30kg resistance) on dedicated holes);

  • quick attachment of Gesco scissors, tourniquet, medical kit or other equipment via shock-cord, paracord, or other improvised systems;

  • positioning anywhere on your waistband, even over pant loops, which allows positioning of pockets at your 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions, impossible with most existing solutions;

  • the quick installation and removal of the set without complex handling, in a matter of seconds, the same way you put your belt through a pant loop.

BELTAPTOR™ is also self-locking on all belts thicker than 2mm, and will only move if you want it to via firm manipulation on thinner belts, while remaining reliable in your most dynamic actions. On thinner belts, BELTAPTOR™ will not move at the most dynamic movements but remains repositionable by the user.


BELTAPTOR™ comes in several versions for all your needs:

BELTAPTOR™ Single for mounting, among other things, single column PALS / MOLLE pouches (such as PA charger pouch, multi-function clamp, flashlight, BDT, tourniquet, ...) or a tourniquet, Israeli bandage or other mounted within BELTAPTOR™ ;

BELTAPTOR™ Double for mounting, among other things, double column PALS / MOLLE pouches (FA magazine pouch, TP, administrative handcuffs, compass, grenade, deballasting pouch, ...) or 2 single column pouches, or a tourniquet tourniquet, Israeli bandage, first aid kit or other mounted within BELTAPTOR™ ;

BELTAPTOR™ Triple for mounting, among others, triple column PALS / MOLLE pouches (MEDICOR/ TIC / IFAK type pouch, admin pouch, or a double column pouch and a single column pouch, or a complete medical kit mounted within BELTAPTOR™ ;

These three versions of BELTAPTOR™ each come in sizes 40, 45 or 50 mm for belts of the same width.


Of course CROKYD™ is compatible with BELTAPTOR™.

Both accessories belong to the same ecosystem, in which equipment and accessories interact to improve user ergonomics. Thus, one can mount a PALS / MOLLE pouch on a belt and add security via CROKYD™ on the same quickly removable set. In addition CROKYD™ can be installed directly on BELTAPTOR™, behind a BELTAPTOR™ mounted pouch.

Now that you know everything, head to the store!

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